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Who is Anıl Özdem I am Anıl. A young UI & UX Designer from Ankara, Turkey

WHO IS ANIL ÖZDEM?Anıl Özdem is an interdisciplinary artist born in İzmir, Turkey in 1991. Currently lives and works in Ankara, Turkey. He is working as an UI/UX designer for Comodo Group Inc. and he is also a PhD candidate in Dokuz Eylül University’s Department of Art and Design.

His works exists at the intersection between media arts and technology. Hence media is turned into the data and digitalized; computer technology, algorithms and coding became a useful tool for visual creation and manipulation. In this direction, he is using computer technology and generative coding is a way to generate real time interaction between the media, objects, spectators and the space.

He holds a master of fine arts degree from Bilkent University in Media and Design and he worked with Andreas Treske and Marek Brzozowski in his works in concept of audio visual art, video projection mapping, and immersive mixed media installations. He had worked about usage of generative coding in order to generate real time rendered visuals and published a thesis which is named as “Usage of Computer Generated Imagery in VJ Performance”. His audio/visual performance have been also seen in a certain number of psychedelic festivals and events in Turkey.

Currently, he is working in the fields of user experience, interaction design, and user interface design for an agency. He had experienced in UX Design and Usability Testing including User Personas, User Journeys, and Flows Development, and Development of Wireframe, Mock-up, Prototype Design. He also experienced in product testing and usability testing methods containing Eye Tracking Analyze, A/B Testing, Time Based User Test, and User Observation with Tasks.

He continues to work on his research and academic publications which are about User Experience, Usability Testing, and Interactive Media Arts and Generative Coding.

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